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From sunrise paddle boarding, to 7 day backpacking and rock climbing expeditions, if you've been longing for adventures in wild spaces,


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One on One Coaching

As a Energy Leadership coach, this is a sacred experience where we partner together to help unlock the passions, uncover the beliefs, and start playing full out in life. 

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”

- Carl Jung


"I was skeptical when I signed up for one of Shane’s events. After all, I was a successful CEO of a medium-size tech company living my best life. But, Shane showed me that I could take my quality of life, happiness, and what I brought to my loved ones to a higher level.  The tools and insights he provided have opened a whole new world that has already markedly increased my happiness and success."


Founder and CEO of Multiple Tech Companies

“Shane has a special ability to bring people together in nature and create an experience that is one of a kind. Shane asks super awesome questions and brings some really interesting flavor to a group. He helps bring out laughs, along with helping everyone enjoy solitude and joys of nature. It just an overall great adventure and Shane helps make it even better!”


Founder of Voila Real Estate 

"Coaching with Shane has made a tangible difference in the life I want to live. We identified how my own beliefs were limiting my perspective. I was constantly listening to that little voice in my head saying "you are not good enough". With Shane's help, I identified that voice, recognized its impact on different aspects of my life, and took conscious steps to quiet that voice. Over the course of a few sessions, I was able to begin to ignore that voice and recognize my true power."


Educational District Administrator 

"I had reached my long term goals and was wondering what's next, I started to feel stuck but your intuitive listening, inquires, and insights not only helped me speed up my progress, it really helped me on all levels. Your perseverance helped lead me to where I am today. You intuitively knew when I was holding back, sensed when there was more to explore, and you continued to inquire. You encouraged me to be my authentic self and open up on deeper levels through your validations and acknowledgments. I am fortunate to have had you show up in my life when you did because you got me to a place to just say out loud, and energetically release my deepest fears... for building and being the foundation that helped open things up for me in a different way. A path that has allowed me to be vulnerable again and understand how to trust on a new level... And being in the moment with me as I was deep in the process, learning how to explain out loud, and truly hearing myself for the first time. Everything has finally come together and I'm finally whole and balance again! I have a new level of understanding and perspective of life and my purpose. And now really ready for what this next phase in life has in store."


Human Resources Manager

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